Interesting Links for Educators

Here are some pages on my website that are useful and interesting for schools and educators!

Edutopia is great resource for educational materials.

Great Schools is a website with very useful for information about any school in the country, private or public.

Psychology in Action is a UCLA graduate student blog that writes about really interesting psychological research.

Age of Opportunity: Lessons from the New Science of Adolescence Dr Steinberg’s book now in Paperbook – excellent resource for understanding the research behind how teens brains and bodies develop

This site (SafeSmartSocial)has tutorials and information on some of the latest social media apps popular with kids.

Take this test to find out how many times your (or your teens) personal data has been exposed to hackers!

A Digital Glossary to understand all the social media jargon your kids use

Test your knowledge of technology with this Pew quiz.

Key and Peele — how tone is lost in texting

Can we Autocorrect Humanity?  Prince EA

Video on this article at the bottom on Sleep and why it’s important – Dr Daniel Siegal

Are screen-addicted kids frying kids their brains?

Kids Want Fame More Than Anything

Internet Addiction—Epidemic or Fad?

The Science of Selfies

Kids and Multitasking, with Patricia Greenfield

Adolescents and Electronic Media, with Patricia Greenfield

The Science of Why Your Kids Can’t Resist Frozen


Interesting Links for Parents

Here are some pages on my website that are interesting and useful to parents!

This Biblioparenting free sampler provides extracts from some of the top books from parenting experts.

My number one resource as a parent is Common Sense Media.

Kids in the House has videos from parenting experts in multiple fields of expertise.

3 Things to consider before buying your kid a cellphone this holiday season is an article I wrote for Time magazine.

Here is a PDF collection of a variety of teachable moments linked to Digital Footprints.

Show your kid that every Facebook post is saved.  Download all Facebook data, which you can do by going to General Settings and following the bottommost link.

A Digital Glossary to understand all the social media jargon your kid uses

Show kids that the web archives data by going to this site that saves pages of websites.

Here is an article about what girls show on Instagram versus how they are really feeling — helps teach them about FOMO (fear of missing out).

An app that can guess who you are from Facebook – teach kids how much information they (and you) are giving away!

The Science of Why Your Kids Can’t Resist Frozen

The internet will not turn your teenagers into brain-dead zombies

As Digital Tools Abound, Help Kids Self-Regulate


Suggested Reading List

Ridgefield Public Schools and the Southern Association of Independent Schools has included Media Moms and Digital Dads as part of their suggested reading for parents! Also included on these lists are social media scholar and youth researcher danah boyd, education experts Tony WagnerTed Dintersmith, and the USC Professor of Education Mary Helen Immordino-Yang. Check them out below!

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