Teachable Moments

Here are some examples of teachable moments to show/ talk to your kid about to teach them about what can happen when you don’t reflect before you post.  If you have any you want me to post, share them in the comments, or on my Facebook page!

Here is a PDF collection of a variety of teachable moments linked to Digital Footprints

YikYak – Boy posted racist remark and got suspended for a year from college

Cecil the Lion — hunter posts pictures not thinking that others might be offended, went viral and had to close his office.

Kid who used Hot or Not gets put on sex offender list and is actually jailed!

Over 6,000 angry comments when traveling teen posts smiling picture of her at Auschwitz

Essena O’Neill – Instagram star who deactivated her account because she hated the pressure

Show your kid that every Facebook post is saved.  Download all Facebook data, which you can do by going to General Settings and following the bottommost link.

Show kids that the web archives data by going to this site that saves pages of websites.    https://archive.org/web/

Playboy model banned from gym for body shaming nude woman on Snapchat

A Texting Truth Often Forgotten in Politics: Your Phone Remembers Everything

Hundreds of high school girls victims of online ‘pornography ring’

A student got owned by his professor after sending out a homophobic tweet

Struggling restaurant floods with customers after one perfect Facebook post

Fugitive captured after asking TV station to use a more flattering picture

Kim Kardashian West was robbed after flaunting her jewelry on social media

The star sent a strong message on social media after nude photos of her were posted online.


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