These are all free!

My number one resource, as a parent and educator, is Common Sense.

Edutopia is also great for educational materials.

Great Schools  is very useful for information about any school in the country, private or public.

Kids in the House has videos from parenting experts from many fields.

Psychology in Action is a UCLA graduate student blog that writes about really interesting psychological research.

Love in the Digital Age is a podcast by KQED’s Rachael Myrow.

Can’t wait to read Lisa Guernsey and Michael Levine’s New book on growing readers in a world of screens: Tap, Click, Read.

Age of Opportunity: Lessons from the New Science of Adolescence Dr Steinberg’s book now in Paperbook – excellent resource for understanding the research behind how teens brains and bodies develop.

 Sources Suggested By Readers

Computer Security Training: Learn About Social Media Safety

Huffington Post created this list of apps that every parent should know about.

This site has tutorials and information on some of the latest social media apps popular with kids.

 Here are some just for fun sites!

Parents on their cell phones – Tumblr site, funny and sometimes sad

Take this test to find out how many times your (or your teens) personal data has been exposed to hackers!

Test your knowledge of technology with this Pew quiz.

Show your girl what engineers look like on this Twitter feed.

Share this article about what girls show on Instagram versus how they are really feeling — helps teach them about FOMO.

An app that can guess who you are from Facebook – teach kids how much information they (and you) are giving away!


This guide is for the Tech Savvy tween and teen. You already understand how to text, post, share, comment and like. Now learn what happens with all of the information! The Tech Savvy User’s Guide to the Digital World is an accurate, honest and entertaining workbook without all of the Do’s and Don’t! Most appropriate for ages 9-13. Stories and workbook included.

The Tech Savvy User’s Guide to the Digital World