Moderator at Google’s Diversity in Media panel

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Authors at Google event


Yalda moderates panel “Conversations About ‘Andi Mack'”


Panelist with Michele Borba                                 Poster for school talk

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Guest on radio show                                 Panelist at Zocalo Public Square event

podcast radio show yalda uhls expert Panelist Yalda T. Uhls, senior researcher at UCLA’s Children’s Digital Media Center

Panelist at White House on gender diversity        Speaker at Google Authors

Speaking at the White House        Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 3.43.51 AM

Book signing at Green Apple Books          2015 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award

GreenApplePhoto 2015 Awards Ceremony Photo - Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award Winner (Yalda Uhls)small

Speaker at The Aspen Institute               Expert on BBC News

Yalda T Uhls For Common Sense at Aspen Challenge LA Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 6.17.10 PM

Expert on MSNBC                                             Speaker at The Aspen Challenge

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MM&DD featured at MomFair     Panelist with Peggy Orenstein and Madeleine Brand

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Speaker at Diesel                 GameOn!                     Panelist at SXSW and SXSWEdu 2016

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Panelist at Zocalo Public Square                Expert on The Doctors

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UCLA Children’s Digital Media Center@LA team            Expert on NBC

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Speaker at Google                                                 Yalda with her husband

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Center for Early Education                   SXSW Edu book signing                 GameOn! with Lisa Kudrow

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Webinar Parenting in the Digital Age                Speaker at White House 2016

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At SXSW                                                          Panelist Zocalo Public Square

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GameOn! with Ashley Rickards                     MM&DD at Boulder Bookstore

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Yalda with her daughter                       NFL Women’s Summit

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Aloha Camp featured Yalda’s quote on Facebook    Yalda on The Doctors