Dr. Uhls is a sought after speaker for a variety of audiences. She gives keynotes to independent schools and public school districts, speaks at academic conferences, and shares her expertise on the science of how entertainment media affects kids across the country.

Some of the places she has shared her expertise include:

Here is her keynote for Authors at Google, based on her popular parenting book Media Moms & Digital Dads, a Fact not Fear Approach at Parenting in the Digital Age.


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Yalda received top ratings from almost all respondents. She went above and beyond in partnering with us to bring this program to the parents and educators of the community. She enlightened us with research-based facts (much of which she has conducted) of how media is affecting the well-being of children and offered informed and insightful recommendations of how to strike a balance and set limits. The buzz has been overwhelmingly positive and we are so thankful to her for helping us start this very important dialog in our school district. ~ Morristown Educational Foundation.