Ph. D Developmental Psychology, UC Los Angeles

MBA, UC Los Angeles

B.A. French Literature, UC Berkeley


21st century media, fame, and other future aspirations: A national survey of 9-15 year olds, peer reviewed research in Cyberpsychology 2014. First Author.

Five Days at an Outdoor Camp… peer reviewed research in Computers in Human Behavior,  2014. First Author.

Learning from paper, learning from screen: Impact of screen reading and multitasking conditions on reading and writing among college students. International Journal Of Cyber Behavior, Psychology and Learning, 2014. Fourth Author.

The Value of Fame, peer reviewed research in Developmental Psychology, 2012. First Author.

The Rise of Fame – peer reviewed research in Cyberpsychology, July, 2011

Psychological Observer – about Psychology in Action, December, 2011

Chapter in At Issue, Cyberbullying, Textbook for high schoolers by Cengage Learning, November, 2011, Reprinted several times by other publishers.

Chapter: The Internet and other active media, (2011).  In B. B. Brown & R.Silbereisen (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Adolescence, Oxford: Elsevier. First Author.

Book Review on Hanging Out, Messing Around and Geeking Out, with Kaveri Subrahmanyam for Journal of Children and Media, 2010.



Grants and Awards


Society for Research in Child Development Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award, 2015Dena Chertoff Graduate Service Award, UCLA (2014)

Millard Madsen Distinguished Dissertation Award, UCLA (2014)

Summer Research Mentorship Award, UCLA. (2010, 2011)

Career Redevelopment Grant, American Association for American Women, (2011-2012)

National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, Honorable Mention (2011)

Psychology In Action Award, UCLA (2012)

HP Research Consultant Grant, (2012-2013)

Travel Award, SRCD (2011, 2013)


Other Notable Distinctions

Invited Participant, National Science Foundation conference, The Informed Brain the Digital World, Irvine, Ca. 2012.

Invited Participant. MacArthur funded conference. Chair Mimi Ito. Virtual Worlds. Irvine, Ca. 2010.

2010- 2012, Co-President of Psychology in Action, UCLA student run organization that disseminates research to communities of interest, outside of academia.

Leadership Advisory, UCLA Psychology in Action. 2013 – present.


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