Chinese mothers — Amy Chua

I wrote a short piece on this for psychology in action, another blog I write for.  I gotta say, after reading her article in the Wall Street Journal, I all of a sudden understood my own Iranian mother better, as well as felt more comfortable being tough on my daughter!!… See it here….


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  1. this was sent to me from a friend who asked me to post it cuz she can’t post from work….
    Amen girlfriend!!! I’ve also felt guilty about being too harsh with me kids, so I did an experiment last weekend with William. Last weekend he had to make a mobile for his book report, but I firmly rejeted his 1st couple of attempts, which were VERY feeble, so I made him totally redo his work from scratch. The 3rd version he carefully redid and proudly shouted “I DID IT!!!” as he realized his full potential and totally “owned” his finished project which I had firmly refused to help him with. Myhumble opinion is that there are no absolute “rights” or “wrongs” when it comes to parenting & parents, who individually know their kids, but I definitely confirmed that Chinese blood does run thru my veins …. ; )

  2. Striking a balance is the toughest challenge of parenting. Before the Tiger Mom debate erupted, I decided to embrace the “Life is short; ENJOY IT” point of view. (See, “Let the Sun Shine In.” Not just for my kids’ sake, but for mine: to let go of the stress from pressure we needlessly put on them. Example of outrageous pressure: The Palisades park was so filled with fathers drilling their kids on baseball skills the day before PPBA tryouts, that a bunch of kids who went to the park to play a game together, without adults, didn’t have room to just play. P
    arents need to figure out when to back off, and when to apply higher standards, like the homework project example above.

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