How does the US compare in Education?

Unfortunately, the US is not the powerhouse we used to be. Some recent stats:

  • In one generation, we have fallen from first to ninth in the world in percentage of population who graduates from college.
  • Countries who seem to be more successfully educating their youth:  South Korea, Japan, Canada, New Zealand and Norway.
  • In Science, 15 year olds rank 16 out of 30 countries.  In Math, we were trailing 23 other countries!

Source (NY Times, 2010), (Washington Post, 2007)



  • I always manage to be surprised when a new study comes out with similar results. Then I see how we treat the best and brightest students and compare it to other countries… and suddenly these studies don’t seem so far-fetched.
    The U.S. could be #1 again, but it needs to work at it, and I don’t know if it will.

  • I’ve seen this between the U.S. and China, and several other countries in South America and the U.K. I wonder what organizations exist that focus on combining the best parts of different system.
    I’ve added you to my blogroll, keep up the great content!

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