Another Reason to Keep Media out of your Child’s Bedroom

After I wrote yesterday about keeping media out of your child’s bedroom, a new study of European teens found that adolescents spent WAY MORE TIME on the Internet and watching TV on the weekends. This is not surprising and is certainly the trend at my house. But guess what? Having a game console (wow, how many kids have that?!) or TV in their bedroom TRIPLES the risk that kids will watch more than 2 hours a day of media (that’s what the American Pediatric Association recommends as the maximum). Girls surfed the Internet more while boys played video games. This is how children today end up averaging 7 1/2 hours A DAY using media, they consume much more on weekends.

The problem is of course that this replaces other activities that could be more healthy such as physical exercise!. Another reason for balance as well!


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