Thank you so much for your interest in our work to help children safely and productively navigate the digital world in which we all increasingly live. I spent over 15 years as a senior executive at studios such as MGM and Sony, and then earned a PhD in child psychology from UCLA. Currently, I work with the national non-profit Common Sense Media and am an assistant adjunct professor at UCLA where I research the impact of media on preteens and teens. I’ve developed a Social and Emotional curriculum that I co-teach to Disney Channel talent. I keynote and join panels to share my expertise to a variety of audiences including parents, academics and industry.  I’ve been honored to be asked to speak at the White House, Pixar, Harvard Business School, and Silicon Valley’s Independent School’s Common Ground Speaker series.

My background allows me unique insight into the intersection of positive youth development, entertainment media and scientific research. The entertainment media that tweens and teens spend hours consuming shape their attitudes and behaviors, and as such can be an effective way to impact social learning.

Most importantly, I am the mom of two digital teens, a boy and a girl. I also volunteer for the non-profit Schools for Wheels and am a board member of the K-8 independent school, Westside Neighborhood School. I serve as an advisory to several other fantastic organizations serving youth.

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I’ve been doing research since 2008 on how traditional and newer media impact the social behavior of preadolescents. I do research with the Children’s Digital Media Center@UCLA, Common Sense Media and through my own lab at UCLA.

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Past and Current Research Topics

Media, Kids and Character Development – How stories best shape positive youth development – This research and report was done with Common Sense Media

Implicit Bias and Storytelling – This research is being conducted at UCLA

How Media Affects the Development of Non-Verbal Emotional Cues We are currently conducting a follow up study on this study at UCLA

Values on Popular Pre-Teen TV – This was a series of 3 studies on the relationship of TV, social media and values. We are currently conducting a follow up study at UCLA



Dr. Uhls is a sought after speaker for a variety of audiences. She gives keynotes to independent schools and public school districts, speaks at academic conferences, and shares her expertise on the science of how entertainment media affects kids across the country.

Some of the places she has shared her expertise include:

Here is her keynote for Authors at Google, based on her popular parenting book Media Moms & Digital Dads, a Fact not Fear Approach at Parenting in the Digital Age.


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Yalda received top ratings from almost all respondents. She went above and beyond in partnering with us to bring this program to the parents and educators of the community. She enlightened us with research-based facts (much of which she has conducted) of how media is affecting the well-being of children and offered informed and insightful recommendations of how to strike a balance and set limits. The buzz has been overwhelmingly positive and we are so thankful to her for helping us start this very important dialog in our school district. ~ Morristown Educational Foundation.